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17-01-2013: The Animal-Majorca camp (blog by Trixi Worrack)

mallorcaWe are back at Mallorca camp, preparation for our first tour which starts at the end of January “Tour of Qatar“. We went out with a nice tailwind and climbed two times the San Salvador, beautiful view up there, if you can enjoy it and not think of the way back, which will be the whole time heavy headwind.

It is our second day of training, and somehow nothing has changed, if you compare it to last year’s camp here. It’s still the same scenario, we ride two rows side by side , normally the first 2 riders would change off the front to the back, but not here we rotate only in one row, on one side at a wind strength of 39 km/h!

Because Ellen “the animal” stays the whole time at the front while 4 of us change next to her. At the end my average watts was nearly like during the competition when we were back at the hotel.

So, same scenario then last year. I hope we survive the next 6 days of training. Best thing by far today, after four hours Ellen says: “ girls I’m tired “ CAN YOU IMAGINE !? ;)

I wish the other three girls and myself good luck for the rest of the camp that we will survive the animal…